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Meeting Between Colleagues


Here you can find information about our extra services in case if you need our assistance in special cases and want to work with supplier directly by your own.

After you find your desired service please contact us for further instructions or to get more information on the process. 

Product sourcing -  250 USD    (1 product)

We will analyze around 20-30 suppliers and select the best 3 for you. In the report you will receive:


  • list of selected suppliers and their contacts

  • cost of goods in China - terms of delivery

  • payment terms - production time

  • packing information

  • our conclusions and recommendations which supplier is better to work with and why

Negotiation of your terms in work / contract with a Chinese supplier

If there are unresolved issues with the supplier that you cannot resolve on your own, we will negotiate for you and achieve the necessary conditions or come to a compromise.

As a result, you will receive agreed working conditions and will be able to continue / start cooperation. 

Price negotiable 

Supplier check-up (express) -  200 USD

Production estimate

Financial indicators

Documents and permissions

Terms of cooperation

Supplier check-up (360) –  950 USD

Production estimate 

Financial indicators

Documents and permissions

Terms of cooperation

Production inspector visit + report (photo/video)

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